Grilled Chicken tossed in our scratch made Tikki Masala Sauce, served with brown rice and steamed green beans. Tikki Masala is a popular creamy tomato sauce from Northern India. Its flavor comes from a blend of aromatic spices. This bowl is savory with flavor in each bite.

350 Calories 43P 31C 6F

Low Carb 258 Calories 43P 8C 6F

Keto 356 Calories36P 8C 20F


Chicken Tikki Masala Bowl/15

Carb Option/Keto/Vegetarian/Extra Protein
  • All bowls are plated in microwave safe containers

    Remove sauces in containers

    Open lid of bowl and place into microwave 

    Heat bowl 3-5 mins 

    Best to stir bowl in the middle of heating cycle

    Remove from microwave and...


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